In 1910, a tent meeting was held on Second and Carr Street across from the original building location. Brother Gus Dunn, Sr. would encourage the members to purchase property to have a permanent location. It was not until 1916 that, after much consideration, the members purchased property and built a permanent building on Second and Carr. The church was named Central church of Christ. The building was eventually remodeled in 1947 and 1962.

In 1974, the members of the Central congregation purchased the property where the present building sits. The construction of the building would be completed in September of 1985. Due to the relocation of the church, it was decided to rename the congregation Parkway church of Christ.

Over the years there have been many well known ministers to stand behind the pulpit at Central/Parkway church of Christ, including: N. B. Hardeman, G. C. Brewer, W. Claude Hall, B. C. Goodpasture, Ralph Gilmore, and many others.

Below you will find a list of the men who have filled the pulpit in a full-time capacity:

F. O. Howell (1916-1919)
A. L. Wilson (1919-1920)
J. B. Hardeman (1920-1924)
E. L. Whittaker (1924-1927)
J. G. Malphurs (1927-1928)
R. R. Brooks (1928-1929)
J. T. Smithson (1929-1935)
J. R. Reynolds (1935-1939)
C. L. Houser (1939-1949)
E. W. Stovall (1949-1952)
D. W. Kester (1952-1955)
O. C. Cunningham (1955-1960)
P. J. Bates (1960-1961)
Harry Owen (1961-1965)
G. W. Walker (1965-1970)
Charles Houser (1970-1976)
Larry D. Mathis (1976-1977)
John P. Weekley (1977-1980)
Larry Donaldson (1980-1981)
A. D. Richardson (1981-1984)
Alonzo Williams (1985-1987)
John L. Curtis (1987-1994)
Danny Lamb (1994-1995, interim)
Cecil May, III (1995-2018)
William B. Hester (2019-present)