Our church family has an ongoing prayer list that we keep updated. If you know of someone that needs to be added to the list, then please contact the church office.

Military, Jail ministry, Robbie Ainley, Martha Jeffress, Bonnie Jeffress, Clyde Bunch, Lisa Cook, Jaclyn Cook, Cheyenne Richardson, Shane Brockwell, Tonya Totty, Dale and James Webb, Larncell Martin, Doris Martin, Sue Lawrence, Nancy Leath, Russ Webber III, Sherry Sams, Catherine Foy, Eddie Cassetty, Bettie Starkey, Johnny and Nancy McConell, Connie Jo Hester Montgomery

Long Term Care
Fannie Zircher- Brookdale Assisted Living, Box 200, 13550 S. Village Drive, Tampa, FL 33618
Maurine Higgins- Morningside Assisted Living, 1200 N. Parkway, Room 130, Jackson TN 38305